A 38,387-Point NBA Scorer, A 3-Time AL MVP & More

Who am I?  Answers below

1. “I scored 38,387 career points when I played in the NBA.”

2. “I won four gold medals in the Olympic Games with Adolph Hitler in attendance.”

3. ” I coached my college basketball team, a member of the ACC, to 17 conference championships.”

4. “I was the AL Most Valuable Player in 1956, 1957, and 1962.”

5. “When I was a pro coach, they called me  “The man in the funny hat.”

6. “As a college football coach, I won 5 national championships.”

7. “I played for the Boston Bruins and was the Rookie of the Year in 1967.”

8.  “I’m the horse who was the last Triple Crown winner in 1978.”

9. “I won the Triple Crown in 1977″

10. “I’m the horse who ran stride for stride in all three races with the last Triple Crown winner, only to lose all three legs by very narrow margins.  Too bad we came along at the same time.”




answers – 1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 2. Jesse Owens 3. Dean Smith 4. Mickey Mantle 5. Tom Landry 6. Bear Bryant 7. Bobby Orr 8. Affirmed 9. Seattle Slew 10. Alydar

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