A Baton Twirler, Plane Crashes, & A Fighting Irish Coach

Answers below

1. This little sharpshooting guard  twirled the baton at half-time of the home football games when he attended Niagara University.

2. His Wildcat teams won the college basketball championship in 1949 and 1958.

3. This bad-ball hitter was the American League MVP in 1951, 1954, and 1955.

4. S.P. was still pitching at the age of 62.

5. He was Shaquille O’Neal’s coach at LSU.

6. Who did Lou Gehrig replace at first base for the New York Yankees.

7. Which great baseball player died in a plane crash off San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1972?

8. Joe Louis beat this fighter in 1948 to remain the heavyweight champion, then announced his retirement from the ring.

9. This Fighting Irish coaching legend died in a plane crash in 1931.

10. What year did Hank Aaron crack his 715th homerun to break the old record set by Babe Ruth?  a. 1970 b. 1972 c. 1974




answers –  1. Calvin Murphy 2. Adolph Rupp 3. Yogi Berra 4. Satchel Paige 5. Dale Brown 6. Wally Pipp 7. Roberto Clemente 8. Jersey Joe Walcott 9. Knute Rockne 10. c

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