A Big Money Winner, A Fierce Competitor, But Never a Cobbler

Who is the Jockey?  Answers Below

1. A big money-winning jockey, he never was a cobbler.

2. This Braulio was especially good riding at longer distances.

3. He was the furthest thing from a laugh when it came to riding horses, and he wasn’t really into pink.

4. He was no angel in the irons, but a fierce competitor.

5. This Jose was the leading money winner from 1986-1989.

6. In the early 2000s,  this Jerry was the leading money winner.

7. What are the first names of the two Velazquezes?

8. He rode Affirmed to the Triple Crown.

9. They called him Manny, and he excelled at the shorter distances.

10. “Banana Nose”




answers – 1. Willie Shoemaker 2. Braulio Baeza 3. Laffit Pincay Jr. 4. Angel Cordero 5. Jose Santos 6. Jerry Bailey 7. John & Jorge 8. Steve Cauthen 9. Manny Ycaza 10. Eddie Arcaro

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