A Drive, The Catch, and a Hail Mary

Answers below

1. Who did Joe Montana hit in the end zone for the winning score in the 1981 NFC Championship?

2. This Giant quarterback  fumbled  a handoff while trying to run out the clock, and Philadelphia’s Herman Edwards picked it up and ran it in for the winning score.  Who was the QB?

3. Who was the Denver Bronco quarterback who led his team on a 98-yard march down the field to beat Cleveland for the AFC championship?

4. Which San Francisco player caught a pass to beat New Orleans in the 2011 playoffs?

5. The Hail Mary pass became popular after this Dallas Cowboy quarterback hit Drew Pearson with a last-second prayer to beat Minnesota in a 1975 playoff game.  Who was he?




answers 1. Dwight Clark 2. Joe Pisarcik 3. John Elway 4. Vernon Davis 5. Roger Staubach


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