A Gambler, a Horse & Amanda Paige

A man was taking a snooz on the couch when his wife sneaks up on him and hits him over the top of the head with a pan.  The startled guy wakes up and says, “What was that for?”  “That was for the piece of paper I found in your pants pocket with the name Amanda Paige  on it.”  “Aw, darn,” he says, “a few days ago when I was at the track, Amanda Paige was one of the horses I bet on.”  The wife apologizes for what she did.  A few days later, the husband is reading a magazine in his chair when his wife hits him with an even bigger pan and knocks him out.  When he finally regains his senses, he says, ‘What in the world was that for?’  “Your horse called.” 


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