A Great Sports Fan, Dad Turned 100 on December 29, 2012

Made a special trip to Boca Raton, Florida to celebrate my dad’s 100th birhtday on December 29, 2012.  What a party!  Singing, dancing, drinking, and eating.  They even had me doing some Dean Martin songs.  Dad was all smiles and enjoyed every bit of it.  My dad was always an avid sports fan, going all the way back to my little league days, junior high school, then following my career alongside Pat Riley at Linton.  He loved to watch us play, and he followed Pat’s brilliant career through the pro ranks. Dad still talks about the days when Pat would come to the house, stay overnight and raid the refrigerator all hours of the day and night. These days, he still has the TV on and always tuned into some sporting event.  Whether it be basketball, baseball, football or tennis. He loved them all.  Not only is he a spectator, but a very knowledgeable one at that.

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