A Heavyweight Champion, Louisiana Lightning & The Boilermakers

Answers Below

1. In what sport are a foil and epee?

2. In bowling, what is a woolworth?

3. Who became the unprecedented heavyweight champion of the world at age 21?

4. With  what team did Willie Mays end his career?

5. With what team did Joe Namath end his career?

6. Who is the Gail who scored 42 points to lead UCLA over Michigan in the 1965 NCAA final?

7. This Alan scored the winning touchdown for the Colts in the 1958 NFL championship game.

8. Who beat Floyd Patterson for the heavyweight title in 1959?

9. Who was nicknamed Louisiana Lightning?

10. Who are the Boilermakers?




answers – 1. Fencing 2. A 5 & 10 pin split 3. Mike Tyson 4. New York Mets 5. L.A. Rams 6. Gail Goodrich 7. Alan Ameche 8. Ingemar Johansson 9. Ron Guidry 10. Purdue

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