A Hodgepodge of 2012

 For you avid Schenectady County pro & college sports buffs

Answers below

1. Who is the Louisville basketball coach?

2. Who is the North Carolina basketball coach?

3. Who is the Alabama football coach?

4. Who is the coach of the New York Knicks?

5. Who is the former Executive Director of the Major League Baseball Player Association who died at the age of 95 in November, 2012?

6. Who is the Green Bay quarterback?

7. Who is the coach of the New York Giants?

8.  Who is the leader in career 3-pointers who is now playing for the Miami Heat?

9. Kevin Durant plays for which NBA team?

10. Who is the pre-season basketball All-American at Indiana?




answers – 1. Rick Pitino 2. Roy Williams 3. Nick Saban 4. Mike Woodson 5. Marvin Miller 6. Aaron Rodgers 7. Tom Coughlin 8. Ray Allen 9. Oklahoma City 10. Cody Zeller

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