A Memphis State Income Tax Evader, A USC Wife-Beater & More!

Who are these bad actors?  Answers below

1. The Memphis State basketball coach who was given a one-year prison sentence for income tax evasion?

2. Who was the Detroit Tigers pitcher who was given a prison sentence for loan sharking?

3. Who was the fleet-footed Miami Dolphins running back of the 1970s who was sent to prison for dealing drugs?  Think about a liquid metal.

4. Who was the USC All-American football player of the 1970s who was arraigned on one count of spousal battery?

5. Who was the former San Diego Chargers running back who was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for the sale of cocaine?

6.  How many Chicago White Sox players were indicted in 1920 for fixing the 1919 World series?

7. Who was the former middleweight boxing champion who threw a fight in 1947?  The movie titled Raging Bull was about him.

8. Who was the “Hurricane” who was convicted for the murder of 3 people in a New Jersey bar?

9. Who was the great Oklahoma linebacker who they called “The Boz”, who was banned from the Orange Bowl game because he tested positive for steroids?

10. Who was the Chicago Bears quarterback who mooned a helicopter at a Super Bowl practice?




answers – 1. Dana Kirk 2. Denny McLain 3. Mercury Morris 4. O.J. Simpson 5. Chuck Muncie 6. 8 7. Jake LaMotta 8. Rubin Carter 9. Brian Bosworth 10. Jim McMahon

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