A New York Giants Linebacker to Cassius Clay

Answers below

1. Who was the New York Giants linebacker who had some fierce battles with running back Jim Taylor of the Packers in the late 50s and early 60s?

2. Who was the first black NBA coach?

3. What year was the dunk shot disallowed in college basketball? a. 1960 b. 1967 c. 1973

4. Who wrote Paper Lion?

5. Which singer mentions Joe DiMaggio in Mrs. Robinson?

6. Who starred in Downhill Racer?

7. How many straight NCAA basketball tournaments did UCLA win? a. 7 b. 8 c. 9

8. Who was the coach of Texas Western when they beat Kentucky to win the NCAA title in 1966?

9. Who hit the homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning to beat the New York Yankees in the 1960 World Series?

10. In what year did Cassius Clay beat Sonny Liston for the heavyweight crown?




answers 1. Sam Huff 2. Bill Russell (player-coach) 3. b 4. George Plimpton 5. Paul Simon 6. Robert Redford 7. a 8. Don Haskins 9. Bill Mazeroski 10. 1964

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