A Stabbing on the Tennis Court

Answers below

1. This female tennis player was stabbed on the court by a fan in 1993.

2. Linebacker from North Carolina who led the Giants to two Super Bowl wins.

3.  New York Giants quarterback who was the NFL MVP in 1961 and 1963.

4.  Female Swedish golfer who set the LPGA 18-hole record with a 59.

5. Only American runner to win men’s Olympic marathon(1972).

6. Coach who led the Tennessee women’s basketball team to 6 NCAA titles.

7. He quarterbacked Denver to two Super Bowl wins.

8. High jumper who’s style was called the  ” _________ Flop”.  He won the Olympic gold medal in the 1960s.

9.  Heavyweight boxing champ from 1970 to 1973.

10. He coached the oakland Raiders to a Super Bowl title in 1977.




answers – 1. Monica Seles 2. Lawrence Taylor 3. Y.A. Tittle 4. Annika Sorenstam 5. Frank Shorter 6. Pat Summitt 7. John Elway 8. Dick Fosbury 9. Joe Frazier 10. John Madden

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