Al Rosen, Jim Brown & Ohio State

The state of Ohio – Answers below

1. This Cincinnati basketball great starred for the Bucks and Royals.

2. Al Rosen played for this Ohio pro team.

3. In what city is Ohio State University located?

4. This catholic school that begins with the letter X has a great basketball tradition.

5. This Ohio college is nicknamed the Flyers.

6. Who was the owner of the Cleveland Browns when Jim Brown and Otto Graham played for them?

7. Slugger Ted Kluszewski played for this team.

8. Who was the 2-time Heisman winner who played for the Buckeyes?

9. Howard Komives lit-it-up for this Ohio school.

10. Bob Feller mowed ’em down for this baseball team.




answers – 1. Oscar Robertson 2. Cleveland Indians 3. Columbus 4. Xavier 5. Dayton 6. Paul Brown 7. Cincinnati Reds 8. Archie Griffin 9. Bowling Green 10. Cleveland Indians

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