All About Providence College

Answers below

1. This Florida basketball coach was a talented guard and floor general at Providence.

2. Who was the Providence coach when the above player played there.

3. Who was the Providence College lefty shooter who later coached the Atlanta Hawks.

4. This ex Providence star coached Georgetown.

5. He was a versatile guard for Providence and later became the mayor of Boston.

6. This super-quick and shifty guard later played for Buffalo in the NBA.

7. They called him “Bad News”.

8. A small guard, his first name was Vinny. 

9. Which annual basketball tournament held at Madison Square Garden did Providence participate in often in the early 1960s.

10. What is the Providence College nickname?




answers – 1. Bily Donovan 2. Rick Pitino 3. Lenny Wilkins 4. John Thompson 5. Ray Flynn 6. Ernie DiGregorio 7. Bad News Barnes 8. Vinny Ernst 9. NIT 10. Friars



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