Allen, The Guy From Cabin Creek & The Chief

Who are these basketball hotshots?  Answers Below

1. Through 2005, This Allen had the third highest NBA scoring average of all-time.

2. Fifth on the list was this NBA logo from Cabin Creek.

3. Through 2005, this Mark had the highest free-throw percentage of all-time.

4. Fourth on the free-throw list is this little guy from Niagara.

5. Who was the Scott who played at Purdue and played and coached in the NBA?

6. Through 2005, this Chief played in more games than any NBA player.

7. Through 2005, this center with the skyhook had the most career personal fouls.

8. This Bill once coached the Cleveland Cavaliers and ranked in the top-ten for career coaching victories.

9. I’m not sure if he is from the south, but this “Cotton” had a .518 winning percentage when he coached in the NBA.

10. The all-time NBA career rebound list begins with Wilt at the top, Bill Russell second, and this bespectacled player  third.




answers – 1. Allen Iverson 2. Jerry West 3. Mark Price 4. Calvin Murphy 5. Scott Skiles 6. Robert Parrish 7. Kareem Abdul Jabbar 8. Bill Fitch 9. Cotton Fitzsimmons 10. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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