An Ageless Scoring Machine, A Mean Joe & More

Answers below

1. The Texas Christian slinger of the mid-1930s, he quarterbacked the Washington Redskins as a pro and led the NFL in passing six seasons.

2. This George was an ageless scoring machine.  He played in the NFL 27 years and scored 2,002 points.

3. New York Giants linebacker, he had great head-to-head battles with Green Bay’s Jim Taylor.

4. This Mean Joe was the heart and soul of the Steelers’ defense in the early 1970s.  He was named the top defensive lineman in ’72 and ’74.

5. Miami quarterback who threw foe 447 yards vs. Flutie in the Orange Bowl game in 1984.

6. Cleveland Browns field goal kicker from 1946-1967. The Browns were Golden with him.

7. Which team broke Oklahoma’s 47-game football win streak?

8. What was the score of that game (question 7).

9. Who was the sensational Syracuse running back who led the Orangemen to an undefeated season (11-0) and a win in the Cotton Bowl in 1959?

10. Who was the Ross who played for Notre Dame  and won the Outland Trophy in 1976 and the Vince Lombardi Award in 1977 for the outstanding lineman in college football?




answers –  1. Sammy Baugh 2. George Blanda 3. Sam Huff 4. Joe Green 5. Bernie Kosar 6. Lou Groza 7. Notre Dame 8. 7-0 9. Ernie Davis 10. Ross Browner





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