Anthony Thompson Loses Out to Andre Ware for the Heisman

It had to be a very bitter pill to swallow for Indiana University’s record-breaking running back Anthony Thompson when it was announced that Andre Ware was the winner of the Heisman Award in 1989.  Thompson’s statistics, along with the fact that he played in a very competitive Big Ten Conference, made him the most likely choice for the coveted award.  Thompson led the NCAA that season with 1,793 rushing yards and 25 touchdowns.  He also caught 35 passes for 201 yards and gained 394 yards on 18 kick returns to finish fourth in the nation with 2,388 all-purpose yards.  The senior set a single-game NCAA mark by rushing for 377 yards against Wisconsin.  The punishing runner finished his college career with NCAA  records of 65 TDs and 394 points.

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