Banana Nose, Frank Robinson & the Mountain Climbers

Answers below

1. This horse, with Banana Nose (Eddie Arcaro) in the irons, won the Kentucky Derby in 1941.

2. This Kent set a record for jockeys by riding 597 winners in one year.

3. In 1974, Frank Robinson signed a $175,000 contract with what team to become the first black manager?

4. Who was the first Super Bowl MVP?

5. What were the last names of the first climbers to reach the top of Mount Everest?

6. With which team did Hank Aaron finish his career?

7. What year did Jackie Robinson become the first black major league player?

8. Who was the fullback,  known as “The Horse”, who scored the touchdown that gave the Baltimore Colts a 23-17 win over the New York Giants in the NFL championship game in 1958?

9. Who did Billy Jean King beat in the Battle of the Sexes in 1973?

10. Who was the Swedish fighter who knocked out Floyd Patterson in 1959 for the heavyweight crown?




answers – 1. Whirlaway 2. Kent Desmeaux 3. Cleveland Indians 4. Bart Starr 5. Hillary & Norgay 6. Milwaukee Brewers 7. 1947 8. Alan Ameche 9. Bobby Riggs 10. Ingemar Johansson


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