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1. He beat Bob Pettit for the scoring title in 1958.  His initials are G. Y.

2. Line drive jumpshooter who played for the Celtics in the 1960s. He played his college ball at Holy Cross.

3. Bespectacled forward who played on the championship Laker teams of the 1980s.  He played for Dean Smith at North Carolina.

4. Southpaw who bucketed 41 points in the NCAA final game for Kentucky in 1978.

5. He coached Marquette to the NCAA title in 1977. It was his one and only NCAA championship.

6. Who coached ‘Nova to a big upset over Georgetown in the 1985 NCAA final.?

7. Who was Georgetown’s heralded center that year?

8. Where did Frank Selvy play his college ball?

9. Who did they call “Billy the Hill”?  He played for Utah.

10. Who was Miami University’s super-star in 1965?  He averaged 37.5 points per game that year.




answers – 1. George Yardley 2. Tommy Heinsohn 3. James Worthy 4. Jack Givens 5. Al McGuire 6. Rollie Massimino 7. Patrick Ewing 9. Billy McGill 10. Rick Barry

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