Basketball Hall of Fame

Who are these basketball Hall of Famers? – answers below

1. He had the head bob but missed out on the Lakers’ 1972 title.

2. This Hall of Famer played with Boeheim at Syracuse, then for the Pistons.

3. This Dave played on Knick title team with Clyde, Willis, Bradley, and Co.

4. They called him the iceman.

5. At Houston he beat big Lew to end the Bruin win streak, then scored big in the NBA.

6. Did most of his damage playing for Rutgers in the mid-1960s.

7. Ohio State super-center, he was named College Player of the Year more than once in the early 1960s.

8. Ex Oklahoma coach.  Some called him Henry.

9. This Baron had the runts in 1966.

10. He played at Holy Cross, then for the Celtics.  Did nice artwork on the side.




answers – 1. Elgin Baylor 2. Dave Bing 3. Dave DeBusschere 4. George Gervin 5. Elvin Hayes 6. Earl  Lloyd 7. Jerry Lucas 8. Hank Iba 9. Adolph Rupp 10. Tommy Heinsohn


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