Basketball Hotshots

Answers below

1. He played for Houston and some might call him Akeem the Dream.

2. Who is the Dallas Mavs’  career rebound leader?

3. Wh is the Miami Heat career rebound leader?

4. Who is the Boston Celtics’ career assist leader?

5. Elton Brand plays for which NBA team?

6. Where did former Denver star Dan Issel play his college ball?

7. Bill Laimbeer played for which NBA team?

8. Who is the L.A. Laker career assist leader?

9. Who is second on the list to Jabbar for most career points scored.?

10. This Houstron Rocket career assist leader plyed his college ball at Niagara.  Who is he?




answers – 1. Akeem Olajuwon 2. Dirk Nowitski 3. Alonzo Mourning 4. Bob Cousy 5. L.A. Clippers 6. Kentucky 7. Detroit 8. Magic Johnson 9. Karl Malone 10. Calvin Murphy

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