Big Red to the Powerful Auburn Running Back

Answers below

1. Which horse was known as “Big Red”?

2. Which field was home to the Brooklyn Dodgers?

3. Which quarterback led the Cleveland Browns to 10 championship games in 10 pro seasons, winning 7 of them?

4. Who was known as Mr. Outside for Army?

5. Who was the coach of the Jets when they won the Super Bowl in 1969?

6. Which pro football team did “Bid Daddy” Lipscomb play for?

7. Who did Rocky Marciano beat for the heavyweight crown?

8. Where did Bill Russell play his college basketball?

9. Who broke the long jump record at the 1968 Olympic Games?

10. Who was the Auburn football player who won the Heisman in 1985?




answers – 1. Man O’ War 2. Ebbets field 3. Otto Graham 4. Glenn Davis 5. Weeb Ewbank 6. Baltimore Colts 7. Jersey Joe Walcott 8. San Francisco 9. Bob Beaman 10. Bo Jackson


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