Billy Cannon of LSU to Punishing Ernie Nevers

Gridiron Quickies

# LSU great Billy Cannon of the late 1950s once returned a punt 89 yars to beat Ole Miss.

# San Francisco 49er great Joe Montana was the 82nd draft selection.

# New York Giants defensive back Emlen Tunnell had 79 career interceptions.

# Marcus Allen once scampered 74 yards for a Super Bowl touchdown.

# The Chicago Bears routed the Washington Redskins 73-0 in a title game.

# USC running back  O.J. Simpson rambled 64 yardsfor a touchdown to beat rival UCLA in the 1960s.

# Eddie Robinson racked up 55 seasons as the head coach of Grambling.

# Punishing runner Ernie Nevers once scored 40 points in a game.


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