Oneida’s Blossom Was One of My Favorites

His name was Owen Baggerly, and we called him blossom.  He lived near Central Park and was the custodian at Oneida Junior High School on Oneida Street in 1959.  I was a student there at the time.  Blossom was one of my biggest fans when I was playing basketball for Linton.  He came to most of my games.  Blossom always sat in the bleecher section at the far end of the gym, and I sat with him during the junior varsity game, waiting for the start of my game.  Blossom often sensed that I was a bit nervous before my game.  He would look over at me and say, “what the h_ _ _  are you so nervous about, your game ain’t even started yet.”  I thought it was hilarious.

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