Bo Jackson, A Loan Shark & The Hurricane

Answers below

1. Bo Jackson signed with which major league team?

2. Vijay was  the first name of which former pro tennis player?

3. who was the Detroit Tigers pitcher named Denny who was given a prison sentence for loan sharking?

4. What year was the Black Sox scandel?  a. 1912 b. 1915 c. 1919

5. Who was the fighter called “Hurricane” who was convicted for the murders of 3 people in New Jersey?

6. Who rode the Kentucky Derby winner in 1913?

7. The longest fight with gloves in history lasted how many rounds? a. 90 b. 110 c. 115

8. Where did Ralph Sampson play his college basketball?

9. Which of the following former major league players is second in most career walks? a. Joe DiMaggio b. Mickey Mantle c. Ted Williams

10. Yale is located in what city?




answers – 1. Kansas City 2. Amritraj 3. Mclain 4. c 5. Ruben Carter 6. Gary Stevens 7. b 8. Virginia 9. c 10. New Haven, Conn.


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