Bob Czub Selected to All-Ivy Second Team

Bob Czub, a hard-hitting guard for Cornell University, was selected to the All-Ivy second team in 1957.  Czub was co-captain of the undefeated Nott Terraced football team in 1953.  That year, he was an All-County pick and named the outstanding county player.  He also made Scholastic Coach Magazine’s High School All-America team.  Besides Cornell, Czub received scholarship offers from several other Division I schools.  Coach Ben Schwartzwalder of Syracuse came to Schenectady to recruit him.  Notre Dame also came knocking at the door.  Besides football, the gritty athlete boxed for Cornell.  He was the intramural light heavyweight champion in 1954 and 1955, and he won his very first fight by knockout in 22 seconds.  In 1956 he participated in the AAU Boxing Championship and was the Intramural Heavyweight Champ in 1957.  Most of his boxing wins came on knockouts in early rounds.  After college, Czub decloined offers to enter pro boxing.  He also was encouraged to tryout for the Buffalo Bills, but declined that poffer as well.  Czub worked for the General Electric Company for almost 30 years.  His wife, the former Beverly Rainone, was captain of the Nott Terrace cheerleaders.


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