Bobby Dodd, Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Prothro, & Others

Who is the college football team?  Answers Below

1. This school down the Hudson had players like Dawkins, Blanchard, and the lonely end.

2. This school’s players don’t move like terrapins.

3. Hayes was pretty vocal and aggressive on the sidelines when he coached this big-ten school.

4. Royal led this southwest school during their productive years on the gridiron (1960s).

5. Jimmy Johnson coached these Hurricanes at one time.

6. Maybe the sooner the better should have been this school’s motto.

7. Bobby Dodd once coached these Bulldogs.

8. The Cyclones are this school’s state rival.

9. These Tigers from the south once had Bo.

10. Tommy Prothro coached ’em in the 60’s.




Answers – 1. Army 2. Maryland 3. Ohio State 4. Texas 5. Miami FL 6. Oklahoma 7. Georgia 8. Iowa 9. Auburn 10. UCLA

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