Boby Cousy or Guy Rodgers

NBA Passing Wizards


No one could pass it off the break better than Bob Cousy.  His great peripheral vision made you think he had eyes behind his head.  The “Houdini”, famous for his behind the back passes, amassed 6,955 career assists while playing for some of the greatest Boston Celtic teams of all-time.  Cousy, a magician with the basketball, scored 50 points against the Syracuse Nationals in 1953 to set an NBA playoff scoring record.  He was named to the NBA All-Pro team ten consecutive years.  Guy Rodgers was a quick southpaw who could pass the ball off the dribble as well as anyone who has ever played the game.  He also had the luxury of having Wilt Chamberlain to feed in the bucket.  Rodgers racked up close to 7,000 assists.


Mikey picks Bob Cousy.  Who is your choice?

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