Boris, Wes & the Great Assist Man

answers below

1. Which Kentucky Derby winner was disqualified from purse money after tests disclosed that he had run with the pain-killing drug called phenylbutazone?

2. At the age of 17, this Boris became the youngest man to win the Wimbledon title.

3. This Wes was the NBA’s Rookie of the Year in 1969.  He played for the Baltimore Bullets.

4. The great assist man for the Utah Jazz who loved to dish it off to close buddy Karl Malone.

5. The Alou brothers Felipe, Matty and _ _ _ _ _ combined for 505 hits in 1968.

6. The Boyer brothers, Clete and _ _ _ each hit more than 150 career homeruns.

7. This Rocky played for the Indians, and he hit 374 career homers.

8. Baseball broadcaster who called an HR by saying, “That ball is going, going, it is gone.”

9. The first baseball strike in history was in which of the following years?  a. 1970 b. 1972 c. 1975

10. Who was the swift Los Angeles shortstop who pilfered 104 bases in 1962 to break Ty Cobb’s record of 96?




answers – 1. Dancer’s Image 2. Boris Becker 3. Wes Unseld 4. John Stockton 5. Jesus 6. Ken 7. Rocky Colavito 8. Mel Allen 9. b 10. Maury Wills


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