Boston College to “The Toe”

answers below

1. What is the nickname of Boston College?

2. What is the name of the home stadium of the California Angels?

3. Who was the rugged southpaw-shooting forward who played for the 76ers then coached in the NBA?

4. Who was the comical Utah Jazz coach who also coached Calvin Murphy at Niagara?

5. HIs son played football for UCLA and now is a TV star.  He also won the Heisman in 1940. 

6. Who was the former Milwaukee Brewer who once hit in 39-straight games?

7. He was the star of the Georgetown basketball team after Patrick Ewing, then battled Ewing when he was with the Miami Heat.

8. He won the Heisman at Oklahoma in 1978 and was a 3-time all-pro with the Detroit Lions.

9. This Card led the National League in batting 7 times.

10. W ho was known as “The Toe”?




answers – 1. Eagles 2. Anaheim Stadium 3. Billy Cunningham 4. Frank Layden 5. Tom Harmon 6. Paul Molitor 7. Alonzo Mourning 8. Billy Sims 9. Stan Musial 10. Lou Groza

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