Buck Ewing & the Schenectady Mohawk Giants

William “Buck” Ewing passed away in 1979 at the age of 76.  He was one of the great players of the Negro Leagues, and he played for the Homestead Grays in 1930.  Ewing broke his finger catching a foul ball and was replaced by the great Josh Gibson, who was the top homerun hitter in Negro League history.  Ewing’s career continued on, and he played for teams like the Schenectady Mohawk Giants.  He actually played in a game at the age of 62 and cracked two hits.  Ewing, a very talented defensive catcher, had an engaging personality and was always a fan favorite.  When the Mohawk Giants played in the Twilight League, they were the only black team.  Their games were frequented by some very famous people.  Among them were Lucky Luciano, Frank Costello, and Bugsy Siegel, who would come to the games after a long afternoon at Saratoga Racetrack watching the thoroughbreds.  Ewing once hit a homerun off of Hall of Famer Grover Cleveland Alexander.

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