Calvin Murphy & Rich Campoli Blister the Nets

There have been some very big point productions on the Schenectady and other Capital Region basketball courts over the years.  The diminutive Calvin Murphy, a jumping jack who played for Frank Layden at Niagara and later starred in the NBA, blistered the nets for 73 points one night in a game against the Schenectady Schaefer Brewers (a semi-pro team), at the Linton gym in the late 1960s. here are some other high point totals:  Rich Campoli of St. Joseph’s of Albany tops the list with an incredible 67-point night in 1964;  Rit Kieth of Rotterdam’s Draper High School tickled the nets for 64 points the 1957-1958 season;  Babe Baldwin of  Mayfield knocked down 62 points in 1957, and Jerry Thomsen of Hoosic Valley and Mal McGuire of St. Mary’s of Glens Falls racked up 60 each in 1964.

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