Casey Stengel, Ed Marinaro, Don Newcombe, & More

All about New York – Answers Below

1. Who managed the New York Mets their first year (1962)?

2. What year did Casey Stengel win his first World Series with the New York Yankees?  a. 1949 b. 1950 c. 1951

3. Ed Marinaro played football for which Ithaca university?

4. Where did the Brooklyn Dodgers play their home games in 1951?

5. Where did the New York Giants play their home baseball games in 1951?

6. Don Newcombe pitched for what New York major league team?

7. Frank Layden coached basktball at this New York school.

8. The final leg of the Triple Crown of horse racing is run at this New York track.

9. Clair Bee coached this university to championships in 1936 and 1939.

10. Which former Mets pitcher was known as Doctor K?




answers – 1. Casey Stengel 2. a 3. Cornell 4. Ebbetts Field 5. Polo Grounds 6. Brooklyn Dodgers 7. Niagara 8. Belmont Park 9. Long Island 10. Dwight Gooden



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