Chuck Abba Returns

Let me begin by saying that the Abba family is a class act period.  At one time, Chuck Abba Sr. was the Superintendent of the Schenectady City School District.  He and Assistant Superintendent Doctor Donald Sayles were two brilliant and very compassionate men who did an admirable job running the district.  Chuck Jr. is coming out of retirement to become the interim principal of Mont Pleasant Middle School, taking the place of Mike Bush who fell gravely ill early this year.  I remember Abba when he was a member of The 1969-1970 Linton basketball team that went 22-0 and were named the New York State champions.  Big Sidney Edwards and guard Billy Suprunowicz got most of the media attention,  but Abba was the “kid” who hit the corner jumper at a crucial point in the game, or grabbed an offensive rebound when it really counted, or fed the ball inside to big Sid for an easy deuce.  He also played tough, aggressive defense from one end  of the floor to the other.  Abba was one of the Linton catalysts, and the kid you would want on your side when the going was the toughest.

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