Coaches & Managers

Answers below


1. Who was the first black manager?

2. This manager won his first World Series in 1949.

3. His team won the first Super Bowl in 1967.

4. His team won a Super Bowl with Joe Willie riunning the attack.

5. He managed the Big Red Machine.

6. He coached the Chicago Bears and also played for the New York Yankees.

7. This feisty manager’s  jersey number 1 was retired in 1986.

8. He coached Jordan in Chicago and Bryant in Los Angeles.

9. He coached the Vikings in the 1970s.

10. He coached UMass then the 76ers.




answers – Frank Robinson 2. Casey Stengel 3. Vince Lombardi 4. Weeb Ewbank 5. Soarky Anderson 6. George “Papa Bear” Halas 7. Billy Martin 8. Phil Jackson 9. Bud Grant 10. John Calipari


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