College vs. Pro Football Rules

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, don’t forget to brush up on your pro football rules.  They’re not the same as college.  Can you answer these?  Answers below

1. When a first down is made, the clock is stopped.  Is this in a college or pro game?

2. On a pro football field are the hask marks wider or narrower than those on a college field?

3. Is there a two-minute warning in college football?

4. The ball is spotted on the two-yard line in the NFL for the extra point.  Where is the pigskin placed in college?

5. True or False – The width of the goal posts are the same in both college and pro?




answers – 1. College 2. Narrower 3. No 4. three-yard line 5. False – College uprights are wider (23 feet 4 inches apart), and the NFL goal posts are 18 feet 6 inches apart.

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