Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones & Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Have Homes in Heaven?

After Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones dies and goes to heaven, God is taking him on a tour of the place.  He shows Jerry a small three bedroom home with a tiny Cowboys pennant hanging over the front porch.  “This is your eternal home, Jerry, ” says God.  “You should feel mighty proud because most folks don’t get their own private living quarters here.”  Jerry looks at the home, then does an about face and sees this huge four-story mansion with two gigantic Oakland Raiders flags flying between the four marble pillars.  And parked in the circular driveway is a black and silver limousine with the Raiders’ logo on the hood.  “Thanks for my home, God,” says Jerry, “but I have just one question.  You give me this tiny home with a miniature Cowboys pennant and Al Davis gets that beautiful mansion.  How Come?”  God laughs and says, “Oh, that’s not Al’s home, that’s mine.”


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