Dark Star, A Heavy Hitter & The Capital of Syria

Horse of the Year award winners.  Answers Below

1. Dark Star upset this 1954 Horse of the Year.

2. This 1955 Horse of the Year wasn’t  from New Hampshire.

3. This heavy hitter, whose name begins with the letter K, was Horse of the Year from 1960-1964.

4. The 1967 winner had the same name as the capital of Syria.

5. This doctor was named Horse of the Year in ’68.

6. This horse was dominant in 1972 and 1973 and was named the top horse both years.

7. The first letter of the name of this 3-time winner (1974-1976) is F.

8. S. S. dominated racing in 1977.

9. This 2001 winner made it a point to win the award.

10. Was this 1994 winner really all that holy?




answers –  1. Native Dancer 2. Nashua 3. Kelso 4. Damascus 5. Doctor Fager 6. Secretariat 7. Forego 8. Seattle Slew 9. Point Given 10. Holy Bull

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