Dave DeBusschere, Dave Winfield, Jackie Jensen, & Other Sports Stars

Answers below

1. Dave DeBusschere played for which two pro sports teams?

2. Brian Bosworth played football for which university?

3. Jim McMahon quarterbacked which NFL team?

4. Jackie Jensen played for which major league baseball team?

5. Dave Winfield played three sports at which university?

6. Jackie Robinson was a four-sport star at which university?

7. Who was the “Houdini” of hockey?

8. Which tennis player named Bill won six straight singles titles from 1920-1925?

9. Which great female tennis player won at Wimbledon a record 9 times?

10. Which A.J. has won the U.S. Auto Club championship 7 times?




answers – 1. Chicago White Sox & New York Knicks 2. Oklahoma 3. Chicago Bears 4. Boston Red Sox 5. Minnesota 6. UCLA 7. Wayne Gretzky 8. Bill Tilden 9. Martina Navratilova 10. A.J. Foyt

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