Detroit Tiger Norm Cash & a Table Leg For a Bat

Norm Cash played for the Detroit Tigers at about the same time as Al Kaline.  He was an all-star five times, and he won the batting title in 1961.  Cash was a very funny guy with a great sense of humor.  In one game in 1973, Nolan Ryan was pitching against Detroit and working on a no-hitter.  Cash came to the plate in the ninth inning for his last at-bat with a table leg from the locker room.  The umpire curiously looks at Cash and says, “You can’t use that up here.”  Cash says, “Why not, I won’t hit him anyway.”  He then goes to the dugout and gets a bat and strikes out on three straight pitches.  He walks away from the plate and yells back to the umpire, “See, I told ya.”

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