Dolph, Hondo & Nap

Answers below

1. This great swimmer named Johnny set two world swimming records in 1922.  They were in the 300 and 200-yard events.

2. We often forget about this “Nap”, but he hit .422 in 1901.  What was his last name?

3. This Dolph of the Syracuse Nationals became pro basketball’s lifetime scoring leader in 1958 with 11,770 points.

4. Who was the Philadelphia Phillies third baseman who slashed four homeruns in one game in 1976?

5. Who was the athlete who was nicknamed “Hondo” ?

6. Which pro golfer had his own army?

7. Who was the first $100,000 salaried player in baseball?

8. Which New York Yankee player wore number 4?

9. What award is given to the best college lineman?

10. The bowling area is divided into four segments:  The lane, the approach, the pin deck, and the a. setter b. return c. wall d. pit




answers – 1. Johnny Weissmuller 2. Lajoie 3. Schayes 4. Mike Schmidt 5. John Havlicek 6. Arnold Palmer 7. Wilt Chamberlain 8. Outland Trophy 10. d

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