Don Mattingly to Sammy Sosa

Answers below

1. Who is the only player to win batting titles in each of three decades?

2. who became the only player to hit 6 grand slams in a season in 1987?

3. Who batted .390 in 1980 for the highest average since Ted Williams batted .406 in 1941?

4. Who set New York Yankee records with 238 hits and 53 doubles in 1986?

5. Who along with Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey Jr. homered in eight consecutive games?

6. Who became the first player to have 3 seasons with more than 60 homers to his credit?

7. Who holds thre National League record with six -straight 40-homer seasons?

8. Who holds the American League record with six-straight 40-homer seasons?




answers – 1. George Brett 2. Don Mattingly 3. George Brett 4. Don Mattingly 5. Dale Long 6. Sammy Sosa 7. Sammy Sosa 8. Alex Rodriguez


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