Ducky Castelle, Murray Melton & Tom Mossey Played Division I Basketball

Comparisons have always been made  between the Barry Kramer-led and Sidney Edwards-led Linton High basketball teams of the early and late 1960s, and which was the greatest Linton/Nott Terrace  team in history.  Another Blue Devil squad that should be considered was the 1955-56 Nott Terrace team that finished with an 18-1 record.  That one defeat came at the hands of Binghamton Central, a team that the Blue Devils beat by a lopsided margin in a rematch later in the season.  This team featured three future Division I players:  Boyer “Ducky” Castelle was their slick ballhandling and playmaking guard who went on and played for Xavier;  Tom Mossey was a big, powerful forward who did most of the rebounding and plenty of scoring.  He later played for Syracuse.  And Murray Melton, a pure shooter who was deadly from the perimeter.  Melton went on to a superb career at Columbia of the Ivy League.

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