First Jeff Blatnick then Jason Morris

The late Jeff Blatnick won an Olympic Gold Medal in wrestling in the 1984 Olympic Games, then it was Jason Morris’s turn.  “I feel amazed that I was in the finals,” said the 25 year-old  United States Judoka from Scotia, who won a Silver medal at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelaona, Spain.  “But when you’re that close, you want it all.  You get a little taste, and especially to go out on a losing note, you know, in your last match that you lost.”  He also lost his father, Bernie Morris, who died in Barcelona the day after the closing ceremonies.  Jason was in the United States attending a White House dinner at the time.  His dad had been his greatest supporter, who was there when Jason won the silver medal.  “We had a week of celebration.”  Jason Morris said of the time he and his dad shared his silver medal showing.  The Scotia resident was the only member of the U.S. judo team to win a medal.  ” I always like being a part  of a winning team,” said Morris.  But as the only medal winner, “the other team members look at you a little differently.  There is a little resentment that I’m the only person getting interviews.  You kind of downplay it.  It’s only natural.  If another guy won the gold, and I didn’t get anything, I wouldn’t be mad, but I would be thinking, oh man.  Still, I have close friends who are really happy for me.”  Morris began training in judo at the age of eight and was showing Olympic potential at the age of thirteen.  His accomplishments are numerous.  Among his honors are gold medals at the 1987 Pan Am Games, the 1988 Czechoslovak Open, the 1989 U.S. International Invitational, and the 1991 Pan Am Games.

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