Fish Tales of the 1950s

Johnny Menkey was telling fellow fishermen how he hooked four ten-pound northern pike in three days on Round Lake, then got skunked, not even a nibble for a couple of weeks;  Harry Holck landed a 41-inch, 21-pound northern pike at Indian Lake.  The lunker put up a 15-minute battle;  Art Pasquarella landed four nice walleyes in four casts at Saratoga LakeLeo Nedvidek pulled a 24-pound , 48-inch northern pike through the ice on Sacandaga Reservoir.  He hooked the dandy fish on a golden shiner.  Mike and Andy Mashuta were fishing with him;  Mickey Petrolle, a 12 year-old junior high student, landed a record-breaking northern in Colville, New York.  The lunker weighed 13.5 pounds.  And Joe Syzdek caught a 24-pound northern pike at Sacandaga Reservoir.  It was 46.5 inches long.  And just think about all the big ones, and I mean really BIG ones, that got away.

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