Football Frenzy

Answers below

1. Who beat Oklahoma in 1957 to end their 47-game win streak?

2. Who was the Oklahoma coach?

3. Who did the Green Bay Packers beat to win the first Super Bowl?

4. Who was the Packer quarterback?

5. Where did Archie Griffin play his college ball?

6. Where did Roger Staubach play his college ball?

7. Who was the “Boz”?

8. Who scored the touchdown in 1958 to give the Baltimore Colts a sudden death win over the New York Giants for ther NFL title.?

9. Who coached the Chicago Bears to their 1986 Super Bowl win?

10. Who was the Miami quarterback when Doug Flutie threw his Hail Mary pass for Boston College in the 1984 Orange Bowl?




answers – 1. Notre Dame 2. Bud Wilkinson 3. Kansas City Chiefs 4. Bart Starr 5. Ohio State 6. Navy 7. Brian Bosworth 8. Alan Ameche 9. Mike Ditka 10. Bernie Kosar

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