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answers below

1. Quarterback who helped Lombardi win Super Bowls.
2. Bear linebacker who played college ball for Illinois.
3. Star running back for Georgia in the 1980s.
4. Two-time Heisman Trophy winner from Ohio State.
5. Speedy running back who teamed with Czonka in Miami.
6. Tight end who coached the Bears.7. Where did Joe Theisman play his college ball?
8. Where did Billy Cannon play his college football?
9. Ameche played pro football for which team?
10. Where did Marcus Allen play college football?

Answers to Football Trivia Questions

answers – 1. Bart Starr 2. Dick Butkus 3. Herschel Walker 4. Archie Griffin 5. Mercury Morris 6. Mike Ditka 7. Notre Dame 8. LSU 9. Baltimore Colts 10. USC

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