Four Old Duffers & a Deaf and Mute Golfer

Four old duffers had 9 o’clock  Monday morning tee time for many years.  One of those mornings one of the old duffers noticed a guy watching them as they teed off.  The man caught up with them at every tee and had to wait.  When they reached the fourth tee, the guy approached them and handed one of them a card that read “I am deaf and mute .  May I play through?”  The old duffers were mad  that he would even ask, and they signaled to him that no one plays through their group.  He would just have to wait.  On the seventh hole , one of the duffers was in the fairway getting ready to hit his second shot, when suddenly he was hit in the back  of the head with a golf ball.  He turned and looked back at the tee with a great deal of anger.  There stood the deaf mute, waving his arm wildly in the air, holding up four fingers.

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