From a 62 year-old Pitcher to an LSU Basketball Coach

Answers below

1. This pitcher was 62 years-old when he hurled one inning.  He also once  said “Avoid fried meats which anger the blood.”

2. This heavyweight fighter was knocked out by Rocky Marciano in a comeback try in 1951.

3. This Notre Dame football coach died in a plane crash in 1931.

4. This “Golden Boy” scored 5 touchdowns in one game for Green Bay in 1965.

5. Who are the “Yellowjackets” who play in the Atlantic Coast Conference?

6. Who knocked out Floyd Patterson to win the heavyweight crown in 1959?

7. Besides the Cincinnati Royals, which other NBA team did Oscar Robertson play for?

 8. Who did Billy Jean King beat in the Battle of the Sexes?

9. Who scored the winning touchdown for the Baltimore Colts in overtime in 1958 to beat The Giants in the NFL championship game?

10. Who was Shaquille O’Neal’s coach at LSU?




answers – 1. Satchel Paige 2. Joe Louis 3. Knute Rockne 4. Paul Hornung 5. Georgia Tech 6. Ingemar Johansson 7. Milwaukee Bucks 8. Bobby Riggs 9. Alan “The Horse” Ameche 10. Dale Brown


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