From a Four-Time Super Bowl Loser to a Buffalo Bills Quarterback

Answers below

1. Who was the coach of the Buffalo Bills when they lost four Super Bowls (1990-93)?

2. This Bonnie humbled all competition in speed skating in the 1988 Olympics.

3. This Florida State football sensation was known as “Prime Time”.

4. Which freshman hit the winning shot for North Carolina in 1982 to beat Patrick Ewing-led Georgetown in the NCAA final.

5. Who batted .380 in 1980?   It was the highest average since Ted Williams batted .406.

6. Which golfer made a brilliant surge in the final round to win the 1986 Masters?

7. Who won five gold medals and set five Olympic records in speed skating at Lake Placid?

8. Who was the owner of the Cincinnati Reds when Pete Rose broke the total hits record?

9. What year did Monday Night Football debut?  a. 1968 b. 1970 c. 1972

10. Which Buffalo Bills quarterback of the sixties won a U.S. House of Representatives seat in 1970?




answers – 1. Marv Levy 2. Bonnie Blair 3. Deion Sanders 4. Michael Jordan 5. George Brett 6. Jack Nicklaus 7. Eric Heiden 8. Marge Schott 9. b. 1970 10. Jack Kemp

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