From Duffy Daugherty to the Lonely End

Which College or University was it?  Answers below

1. Duffy Daugherty was their football coach many decades ago.

2. This Maryland school is a perennial lacrosse powerhouse.

3. The lefty snake quarterbacked them during his college days.

4. Frank Leahy was once their football coach.

5. John Elway quarterbacked this college team.

6. This Chicago University is nicknamed the Blue Demons.

7. Lenny Bias played basketball for this ACC school.

8. Known as the Tigers, this school competes in the Ivy League.

9. Herschel Walker was one of this school’s all-time greats.

10. This school featured the lonely end.




answers – 1. Michigan State 2. John Hopkins 3. Alabama (Kenny Stabler) 4. Notre Dame 5. Stanford 6. DePaul 7. Maryland 8. Princeton 9. Georgia 10. Army

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